Face Mask with Imunosil Virufix logo

Face Mask with Imunosil Virufix logo


The masks are made of certified polypropylene fabric HP561R, with an inner non-woven moisture-retaining layer (NANO TECH) to trap drops that spread from the mouth and nose.

These masks protect you more safely than ordinary hygienic masks.

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Masks are reusable, washable or cleanable with disinfectant. Allow it to dry in the sun or with another heat source (such as an iron). The mask must be completely dry for at least 2 hours before re-use.

Carefully and slowly remove the mask after use to prevent the drops from spreading into the air. Make sure the mask fits snugly over your face, covering your mouth and nose.

Our face masks are manufactured in Latvia, in a safe environment. For your safety, each mask has an individual package.

Please note that the manufacturer and distributor are in no way responsible for developing COVID-19 during or after wearing the mask.