Latvian pharmaceutical company Lotos Pharma this September has opened new representative office in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, which will boost sales and support the provision of marketing services. The company has invested 42,000 EUR in opening the new representative office.

Aterolip®, a red yeast rice medicinal product to maintain cholesterol level, is currently being successfully exported to Georgia. This product has great potential, as in Georgia, as well as in Latvia and all over the world, diseases of the circulatory system are relevant, which is also the main cause of mortality.

Georgia has a wide market for the company's products. With the opening of the new representative office, the next export products will be natural medicinal products for the promotion of respiratory health Sinunorm and Sinurin line products. These preparations are in demand not only in the Baltic States but are also appreciated in other countries. For example, this year the export of the herbal medicinal product Sinunorm DUO to Russia has started.

The company also exports to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Ukraine. In 2018, exports made 60% of the company's total turnover.