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Lotos Pharma by introducing new sublingual sleep agent Good Sleep Spray, launched the campaign “How good is sleep in our office?”. The aim of the campaign was to pay attention to the quality of sleep and how it affects our daily lives. When visiting the offices and checking the speed of the staff’s response, a survey of participants was conducted to assess the quality of sleep and ways to deal with sleep disorders.

What are the most common symptoms of insomnia?

The survey revealed that more than half or 61% of respondents experience some form of sleep disorders33% of respondents have difficulty falling asleep, and 31% often wake up at night. Interestingly, there are slight gender differences. 34% of women reported waking up at night as the main sleep disorder, while most men or 40%, found it difficult to fall asleep. Both sexes equally or 23% of the respondents found that they also feel sleepy during the day, which is also one of the symptoms of sleep disorders.


The survey showed an interesting trend that some people mismanage their sleep disorders. For example, they drink coffee before going to bed, as well as while waiting for sleep, check mobile devices or TV screens, which can interfere with the production of the natural sleep hormone melatonin. It was also surprising that when asked how to deal with sleep disorders, the majority or 58% of respondents answered that they do not currently deal with their sleep disorders. This shows the importance of informing the public about sleep disorders and ways to solve them, because sleep is an important prerequisite for our health.

What are the most common symptoms of insomnia?

Head of Lotos Pharma Kaspars Ivanovs: “You can beat insomnia. We have heard hundreds of times that sleep is the best medicine or that sleep is sweeter than honey. You don’t have to put up with the symptoms of insomnia you have to look for a solution to make your daily life better. Consultations with doctors and pharmacists can also help here.”

Lotos Pharma conducted a survey “How good is sleep in our office?” in November 2016, surveying 205 respondents at the age from 18 to 65.

Good Sleep Spray is the food supplement. The food supplement is not the substitute for healthy and balanced diet.

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